Our Values

We trust that God wanted us to know Him, so He revealed Himself in a book called the Bible. We trust that a God so big is able to communicate His heart accurately without it being corrupted by human intervention. We trust that by listening to Him, we can know His will for our lives.

Honesty & Humility
It’s only when we are honest about our hurts and failures that Christ can truly heal us. So at Tower Grove we seek to be a place devoid of pretense, where struggles are shared and compassion is given.

Unity, not uniformity
We are united by our faith in Christ. However, we allow for differences of interpretation on minor issues. Additionally, we greatly prize our congregation’s cultural and generational diversity.

God was the first Creator, so we know He loves it when His children use their gifts. That’s why we love using the Arts in our services in surprising, unique ways that reflect our community and city.

A Sense of Humor
Every time we look in the mirror, we’re reminded God has a sense of humor. So in our services, you’ll hear stories and observations that’ll make you laugh. And we believe that pleases God greatly.