Coffee, Conversation, & Questions about faith and spirituality

TIME – Monthly TBA, 7 PM


C2Q is a monthly discussion of faith and spirituality, open to people of all faiths or no faith. Relaxed and welcoming, we’ll talk seated on couches with plenty of coffee on hand.

After meeting one on one with people at area coffee shops, author and pastor Dave Gipson is opening up the conversation to a larger group at a welcoming venue. Topics may include but not be limited to the reasons to believe, doubts of God’s existence, where different religions intersect and where they diverge, and ethical dilemmas.

Each month will start off with a basic question, but the discussion will be allowed to evolve organically. Dave will facilitate the discussion, and attendees are encouraged to either participate or simply listen along with us.

One ground rule – we will always maintain a friendly, respectful atmosphere even when we disagree.

FIRST MEETING – Tuesday, March 19, 7PM

Topic – FREE FOR ALL, bring your own questions and we’ll brainstorm from there!

We hope you’ll join us. For more info on monthly meeting dates, email Dave at davegipson@hotmail.com 



Andy Stanley has said, “If you want to be a deep Christian, go adopt a child, become a foster parent, or move to the inner city”. Well, I’ve done all three of those several times over, so I guess I’m in pretty deep over my head. I’ve also been a jail chaplain and worked with the homeless. And my love of answering the questions of skeptics at coffee shops was profiled in “Christians in the Age of Outrage” by Ed Stetzer.

I’m a pastor who’s also an artist. Having won a BMI (Broadcast Music Industry) award in 2005 for my theme music to the hit TLC cable show Trading Spaces, I understand creative people. And after having spent years on the stage before moving to St Louis, I’m certainly not what you’d expect from a pastor.

I live in the Shaw community of St Louis with my wife of 30 years, Dawn, our two adopted preschoolers, and our one biological adult daughter.